For this collection «Helvetia», Prism decided to celebrate the swiss tradition with the simple idea of asking artists: What does Switzerland represent for you? How could we translate these values?

The object of this research is really to get back to the roots : PRISM has been encouraging a great number of swiss artists for the past 6 years, pushing them on the local and international scene (Europe, Asia, USA); but this year, Prism would like to celebrate the culture that has influenced our artistic choices from the beginning.

You will be surprised how the traditionnal cow-skin schoolbag, once it has been revamped, becomes very fashionable, like other items from this very limited collection. (10-20 pieces)

In the future, Prism project to keep favoring the swiss approach by higlighting tradition and the stylistic codes of our country and by promoting my collections with the most original events in Switzerland and abroad.

Helvetia collabs with : Marc Mussler, Jo Germond, Daniela Droz & Tonatiuh Ambroseti

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