PRISM LABEL AND HELVETIAN ESTHETICISM Since September, the Lausanne accessories and clothing label presents its new collection: “Fortune”, which is a result of a reflection on Switzerland and its currency. Whereas banking secrecy is debated and that the Swiss franc is under the spotlight, Fabien Baudin decided to surround himself with Swiss artists to reinterpret the codes of the Helvetian frank. Minted gold coins, giant ant and banknotes were redesigned to provide a rich and a surprising collection. Over the years, the Prism brand has maintained a real enthusiasm in working with Swiss artists. And during the last two years it has become a benchmark for most of the "made in Switzerland" accessories! Backpacks, small cowhide bags, handmade caps and hats, scarves and small accessories are fully made in Switzerland thanks to the Helvetian expertise! The following people have worked on this collection: • Marc Mussler (tattooist) • Raphaël Rapin (illustrator) • Daniel Aires (photographer)

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